Manipulator (Narishige)

Three-dimensional coarse manual manipulator with simple design.

This compact, lightweight model offers coarse manipulation only and is very simple to use. A bar mount is provided to enable installation by either a mounting adaptor or magnetic stand. When used in conjunction with a micromanipulator such as the MMO-220C, quick three-dimensional operation is possible in low magnification experiments using a stereo microscope.



For attachment to the microscope, P-1A height adjustment plate included and a suitable mounting adaptor (sold separately) are required.
The ball joint included with the micromanipulator can be replaced by MMO-220C one-axis oil hydraulic micromanipulator (sold separately)..


Accessories included

B-8B Ball Joint,
P-1A Height Adjustment Plate,
H-7 Pipette Holder
Hex Wrench


Movement range

Coarse: X 25 mm, Y 20 mm, Z 25 mm

Dimensions, Weight

W 95 × D 36 × H 135 mm, 320 g