Lambda SC

SmartShutter Controller (Sutter Instrument)

The Lambda SC is a full-featured micro-processor controlled shutter driver for the SmartShutter™. It supports the same shutter command set used for our other Lambda controllers and offers enhanced performance through additional modes of operation. The additional operating modes allow programmable control over the exposure time, the delay between exposures, the number of exposures, the mode of trig-gering and the mode of shutter operation. The Lambda SC utility program allows computer control and configuration of multiple SC controllers through serial or USB ports. In the Lambda 10 family of filter wheel controllers, shutter timing is controlled directly by the time of occurrence of commands or TTL input. In most cases, the system software used with these controllers has provisions for controlling the timing of the shutter. The Lambda SC shutter controller may be used in applications that would benefit from enhanced control options built into the controller. A convenient toggle switch on the front panel has three postions: OPEN (shutter will open regardless of other inputs), CLOSED (shutter will close regardless of other inputs) and AUTO. In the AUTO position, the controller can be operated remotely from a computer through the USB port, or opened and closed using a logic level input.In the free running mode, the shutter will open and close repeatedly.

The time between closing and reopening can either be directly timed, or set as an interval for the entire cycle. Delay and exposure intervals can be set by the user for up to 5 hours with millisecond resolution. This mode can be set to continuously run or loop for a specific number of cycles. The mode is initiated from power up, or a trigger pulse, and can be interrupted by using a stop command. Because the SmartShutter incorporates a microprocessor controlled motor/wiper design, the trajectory of each move can be controlled and the motion of the blade optimized for speed or for smoothness. When speed is the most important condition, the user can select the fast mode. If the modest amount of vibration in the fast mode is objectionable and speed is not important, the “soft” mode can be selected, moving the blade slower through the overall travel.

The neutral density mode results in a partial opening of the SmartShutter. Any one of the 144 steps from a fully closed to fully open can be selected. Using this variable aperture opening along with a liquid light guide acts to spatially homogenize the light to produce a uniform spatial illumination that’s independent of the geometry of the input illumination.



  • Microprocessor based controller
  • Serial, USB and TTL interfaces
  • User can produce a variable aperture by selecting the degree of shutter opening
  • “Soft” action mode provides minimum vibration
  • TTL activation of the shutter can be set to high, low, or toggle on rising/falling edge
  • Programmable delay and exposure intervals up to 5 hours with millisecond resolution
  • Commands can run continuously or loop a specified number of times
  • Programmable delayed sync out
  • Universal power supply



LB-SC Includes one Lambda 10-B control unit, serial and USB cables, power cable and manual

IQ12-SA  12.5 mm SmartShutter with stand-alone housing
IQ25-SA 25 mm SmartShutter with stand-alone housing
        Where vignetting may be an issue, we recommend the 35 mm shutter.
IQ25-LS  25 mm SmartShutter with housing to fit Lambda LS
IQ25-DG  25 mm SmartShutter with housing to fit Lambda DG-4/DG-5
IQ35-SA  35 mm SmartShutter with stand-alone housing
IQ50-SA  50 mm SmartShutter with stand-alone housing

W621520 USB cable
W621505 9 pin male/female SmartShutter (no wheel)
FSWICH Foot swich with BNC connector - Changes state of shutter with foot press as long as foot press is maintained
FSTOGGLE  Foot swich with BNC connector - Alternates open/close with each foot press