Lambda VF-5™

Tunable Filer Changer (Sutter Instrument)


  • Wavelength range as wide as 338 - 800 nm
  • Access any center-wavelength in nanometer increments
  • Images pass through filters making it suitable for both excitation and emission
  • Easily switch between fluorophore combinations
  • Optional liquid light guide offers absolute vibration isolation
  • All the advantages of thin-film technology – high transmission, steep spectral edges, high out-of -band blocking
  • Polarization independence (s and p nearly identical)

Sutter Instrument introduces two new filter changers specially designed for wavelength selection over a wide spectral range to any given nanometer value. The Lambda VF-5™ and Lambda VF-1™ employ the innovative VersaChrome® thin-film filter technology from Semrock® to provide outstanding bandpass characteristics such as high transmission (close to 100 %), steep edges and out-of-band blocking. Since these filters pass an image, they are equally suitable for emission and excitation paths.

A specific wavelength within the wide spectral range of each filter is obtained by adjusting the angle of incidence from 0 to 60 degrees. This tuning causes little or no change in spectral performance of the filter regardless of the state of polarization of the light passing through the filter. The current VersaChrome series has 7 filters covering 338 to 800 nm. By simply selecting the desired center wavelength on the controller, the Lambda VF-5 automatically moves and tilts one of its 5 filters into position. Users can select any combination of filters offered by Semrock for the Lambda VF-5 (which holds up to 5 filters) or any single filter in the series for the Lambda VF-1.

When using the Lambda VF-5 for emission applications, we suggest installation of the 5 filters with the longer center-wavelengths covering from 430nm to 800nm. For excitation applications, we suggest installing the 5 filters with the shortest wavelengths covering 338 to 620nm. For special applications, any combination of 5 filters could be installed in the Lambda VF-5. The compact Lambda VF-1 accepts any single filter in the series. These filters can be changed as needed.

The controller for these new tunable filter changers is a special version of Sutters Lambda 10-B. Users can select the desired center wavelength in 1nm increments from the keypad, or via the serial or USB ports. In addition, Sutter has installed a command set that is similar to that of the standard Lambda 10-B to allow the user to directly select the filter and angle in microstep increments. This allows control of the Lambda VF-5 and VF-1 with minimal changes to existing software supporting the popular Lambda 10-B controller.

The Lambda VF-1 accepts any single filter in the series, which can be exchanged with other filters as needed. This model offers faster switching times as well as a more compact and affordable system. When used with the Lambda VF-1, the controller is able to also control a separate filter wheel or SmartShutter®.



  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Ratiometric imaging



Dimensions / Weight
    Lambda VF-5       23.8 cm × 15.2 cm × 12.7 cm  / 5.3 kg
    Controller           14.9 cm × 20.8 cm × 13 cm   /  1.1 kg
Electrical    120/240 V;    50/60 Hz power line;   75 W max



The VF-5 system includes the Lambda VF-5™, five VersaChrome filters®, controller unit, serial and USB cables, power cable and manual

CO-O573380 Tunable filter, 338 - 380 nm with 16 nm bandwidth
CO-O573440 Tunable filter, 390 - 440 nm with 16 nm bandwidth
CO-O573490 Tunable filter, 330 - 490 nm with 15 nm bandwidth
CO-O573550 Tunable filter, 490 - 550 nm with 15 nm bandwidth        
CO-O573620 Tunable filter, 550 - 620 nm with 14 nm bandwidth
CO-O573700 Tunable filter, 620 - 700 nm with 13 nm bandwidth
CO-O573800 Tunable filter, 700 - 800 nm with 12 nm bandwidth

O629950 Male-to-male C-mount adapter for mounting SmartShutter® to Lambda VF-5/VF-1

VersaChrome® is a registered trademark of Semrock®