npi PEN-03M


The PEN-03 module is designed to facilitate cell penetration by application of current pulses to the electrode or by overcompensating the capacity compensation (BUZZ) of the electrode. The current pulses are variable in duration, amplitude and frequency while in BUZZ mode only duration can be set.
Typically, the PEN-03 is used with SEC-03M single electrode clamp amplifier(s) and/or the HVC-03M high voltage clamp module. Customized configurations are possible.



Duration range:
15 ... 1000 ms

Amplitude range:
0 ...
120 nA into 100 MΩ

Frequency range:
10 ... 1000 Hz

front panel 12 HP (60.6 mm) x 3U (128,5 mm), 7" (175 mm) deep.