Mikropipetten-Puller (Narishige)

Having inherited the genetic characteristics of the PE-2/PE-21, the PE-22 has made further progress.

Even longer and thinner microelectrodes that cannot be produced from glass capillaries (1 / 1.2 / 1.5mm) can be produced with the PE-22.  Multibarreled electrodes are also producible.

In nerve center experiments where microelectrodes are inserted deep into the brain, parallelism is essential to a long tapered tip.  To achieve parallelism required, the adjustable range of the microswitch has been increased.  As compared to conventional models, the PE-22 is capable of producing microelectrodes of more different shapes.  The microswitch is now calibrated and thus easy to adjust, which contributes to improved reproducibility.

To enhance the safety, a metal cover is attached to the heater unit and the shaft.  Through the use of a fall under its own weight and magnets, glass capillaries are pulled vertically.  The device that holds a glass capillary employs a drill chuck system that accepts ø 2 - 6 mm glass capillaries.  Moreover, using a bundle of ø 1 mm glass capillaries, multibarreled microelectrodes can be produced.  Magnet and heater level adjustments are performed easily through the digital display and thus reproducibility has improved.

In the event of using glass capillaries of ø 4 mm or larger, there is a limit to the wall thickness and length of a glass capillary.  Please contact us for details.



Accessories included:

Glass Capillaries (2 mm)

Glass Capillaries (3 mm)

Spare Heater

Chuck Handle


Power Cord

PE-21HC (for 3 mm) is fitted to the main unit.


Power source

AC100 (± 5 %), 50/60 Hz

AC120 (± 5 %), 50/60 Hz

AC220 (± 5 %), 50/60 Hz

AC240 (± 5 %), 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

approx. 500 W at max.

Heater Current

17 A approx.

Heater Voltage

6 V approx.


W 280 × D 280 × H 610 mm, 20.7 kg



PE-21HA  Straight heater for PE-2/21   (Straight Kanthal wire;  5 pcs.)

PE-21HB  Coil heater for PE-21  (for 2 mm Kanthal wire;  5 pcs.)

PE-21HC  Coil heater for PE-21  (for 3mm Kanthal wire; 5 pcs.)

PE-21HD  Coil heater for PE-21   (for 6mm Kanthal wire; 5 pcs.)