Lambda HPX

High-output LED light source (Sutter Instrument)

The Lambda HPX represents the latest generation of liquid-cooled high-output LED light sources.

Designed around a single 90 W 4.25 mm LED die, the Lambda HPX provides light output comparable to a 200 W xenon arc lamp.  A quiet, vibration-free liquid cooling head maintains the low junction temperatures required to reach the manufacturer’s projected bulb life of 60,000 hours.  The Lambda HPX is expected to retain 95 % of its original output at 5000 h, 80 % after 10,000 h.  The precision-machined LED head is designed to mount directly onto the side port of a microscope using one of our custom microscope adapters.

The Lambda HPX allows LED dimming via current control or PWM for applications intolerant of color shift associated with current changes in LEDs.  TTL input and output allows for triggering via software.

Light output is in the visible spectrum from 400 nm - 729 nm. Special order units are available with 405 nm, 460 nm, 525 nm, or 623 nm wavelength specifi c LEDs.



PWM Frequency 28 kHz

Light Output 400 nm - 729 nm

Bulb Life >10,000 hours at 80 % original output

Input/Output TTL

Dimming PWM or Current Control

Cooling Active liquid cooling

White LED.  Optimally available with 405 nm, 460 nm, 525 nm, and 623 nm LED also.


Basic System

LB-HPX   High-powered LED and controller