Dreiachsige motoriserte Manipulatormechnik (Narishige)

The MM-92 motor-driven coarse micromanipulator enables remote controlled movement of a pipette into a microscope observation field. The bigger the microscope, the more difficult manual control becomes; remote control is the mainstream alternative. Control is easy, with the joystick right at the operator's hand, and a return mechanism facilitates pipette exchange.

The MM-92B drive unit is an add-on type without a control unit. Two motor drive operation on both sides of a microscope is provided in combination with MM-92 and MM-92B.

Since MM-92B does not include the control unit, MM-92 is required to use MM-92B.

For convenience the MM-92 and MM-92B can be placed upright with the use of the control box stand (PS-1).

Please also refer to the newer designed MM-94 and MM-94B.

    Hex Wrench

Movement range
    X 22 mm, Y 22 mm, Z 22 mm

Driving Speed
    When the High Speed Button is in use : 1.4 mm/s
Speed Adjusting Knob (at Maximum) : 0.7 mm/s
Speed Adjusting Knob (at Minimum): 0.1 mm/s

    Drive unit    W 80 × D 160 × H 104 mm, 600 g
          Connecting cable (1.2 m)