Liquid Cooling System (Warner)

The LCS-1 Liquid Cooling System from Warner Instruments is a versatile and simple to use thermal control accessory.

  • Complete self contained liquid cooling system
  • Designed for use with all Peltier driven devices from Warner
  • Electrically and mechanically quiet

This apparatus circulates water through a fan/radiator housing and is designed to easily and quietly remove excess heat from the Peltier portion of all Warner devices employing this technology.

This heat exchanger can also be used with any apparatus, allowing the quiet removal of heat energy via the movement of circulating water. A great deal of effort has been dedicated towards making this system both mechanically and electrically quiet.

The LCS-1 is supplied with 20 feet of 1/8' ID x 1/4' OD Tygon tubing, two bottles of antifreeze, and a desktop power supply with line cord.

Pump rate                 420 l/hr (111 gal/hr)
Power Input             Universal Input 100-240 V AC 50/60Hz
Power Output         12 V DC 540 mA
Power Connector Type     9 pin Male 'D'

Physical Dimensions
Chassis Size (D x W x H)     49.5 × 21.3 × 9.5 cm

Weight                         3.63 kg
Chassis material         Aluminum
Water Jacket Ports     Male thread to 1/8' Barb Fittings
Warranty                     One Year