SHM-6, SHM-8

Multi-Line In-Line Solution Heaters (Warner)

Multi-line in-line solution heating is the simplest and most effective method of warming multiple perfusion solutions to the same temperature.

  • SHM-6 six-line and SHM-8 eight-line solution heaters
  • Compatible with both single channel TC-324B and dual channel TC-344B heater controllers
  • Temperature of 37 °C can be maintained at ± 0.2 °C

In-line solution heating is the simplest and most effective method of warming perfusion solutions. The minimal dead space manifold at the output of the in-line solution heater allows it to be used in any application where from 2 to 8 perfusion lines are required to be connected to a chamber or other device.

The output from the heater is connected to the chamber using a short length of tubing such that the warmed perfusate flows directly into the chamber bath. Connections are made by press fitting PE-160 tubing onto the 18 gauge stainless steel hypodermic tubes. Cap plugs are supplied to block any unused inputs.

Depending on bath volume and other factors, inline solution heating itself may be sufficient for many applications. (Solution reservoir heaters from Warner Instruments are recommended if outgassing of solutions is a problem.) The SHM Series heaters will accommodate flow rates up to 5 mL/min while maintaining 37°C.

Each heater is supplied with a TA-29 thermistor cable assembly (shown on the picture), which allows for monitoring the actual bath temperature (T2 output on the heater controller), and 3 meters of PE-160 tubing. Both are compatible with Warner's TC-324B and TC-344B temperature controllers.

Heater Resistance      10 Ω
Voltage Requirement      Variable 0 to 12 V DC max
Maximum Temperature     50 °C
Internal Dead Volume      94 μl
Manifold Dead Volume      30 µl (manifold input to output)
Maximum Flow Rate     at 37 °C,  5 ml/min
Internal Dead Volume        330 µl
Body Physical Dimensions      16.5 mm diameter × 16.5 cm long
Cable Length                     1.9 m

Temperature of 37°C can be maintained at ± 0.2°C under following conditions: Condition A Solution temperature at input (nominally 21°C) varies no more than ±10% Condition B Solution flow rate varies no more than 25%

Warranty                     One Year