Dual In-line Heater/Cooler (Warner)

This dual in-line solution heater/cooler extends the temperature range for controlled perfusion studies of both coverslip mounted cells and anchored tissue thin slices.

  • Heats or cools perfusate*
  • Compatible with all Warner Series 20 chambers
  • Requires a CL-100 Bipolar Temperature Controller
  • Versatile and simple to use thermal control device

*Users should recall that saturation levels for many ionic compounds decrease at lower temperatures.

In-line solution heating has proven to be one of the most effective methods of maintaining the temperature of perfusion solutions. The SC-20 Dual In-line Solution Heater/Cooler utilizes Peltier thermoelectric technology to regulate temperature both above and below ambient levels.

The SC-20 is designed to thermally regulate one or two solutions at the same temperature. Temperature regulation is provided by the CL-100 Bipolar Temperature controller. Solution temperatures can be maintained at 0 °C at flow rates of 2 mL/min., 5 °C at 5 mL/min., or as high as 50 °C at 5 mL/min.

An integral water jacket is used to remove excess heat from the SC-20. Running water from a tap or large reservoir can be used as a source. Flow rates as low as 1 gallon per hour is sufficient to maintain efficient cooling.

The SC-20 can be used with either one or two discrete perfusate solutions, or with a solution/gas combination. When coupled with a PHC Series Imaging Chamber Heater/Cooler Jacket, the SC-20 provides an effective means of temperature control in the chamber, even under slow-flow conditions.

Each heater/cooler is supplied with a TA-29 Thermistor Cable Assembly for monitoring the bath temperature.

Minimum Temperature      0 °C at 2 ml/min maximum flow
Maximum Temperature     50 °C
Maximum Flow Rate     at 5 °C 5 ml/min
Accuracy                       ± 0.1 °C
Internal Dead Volume     330 µl
Controller                 Model CL-100 Bipolar Controller
Perfusion Lines            Type 316 Stainless Steel  0.032 ID × 0.062 OD
Water Jacket Ports        Type 316 Stainless Steel  0.12 ID × 0.147 OD
Body Physical Dimensions      21 mm diameter × 165 mm long
Weight                       109 g
Cable Length                     1.9 m
Connector                    Type 15 pin Male D
Warranty                     One Year