Heating Plate (physitemp)

The direct current heating plates for small rodents (mice and rats) are black anodized aluminum. Both models have small feet attached giving them an elevation of 0.64cm above the surface it sits on, such as a table or stereotaxic stage. they are provided with a feedback sensor to prevent overheating when used with TCAC-2 series of controllers. Custom sizes are also available with longer lead times.


Dimensions         HP-4M    W, 3.81 cm × L, 10.16 cm × H, 0.64 cm
                           (HP-1M    W, 11.1 cm × L, 21.6 cm × H, 0.64 cm)
Power                 25 W
Overtemperature protection            100 Ω RTD
Weight                 0.23 kg