Stereotaktischer Mikromanipulator, schmale Bauform, mit Grob- und Feintrieb (Narishige)

Thin micromanipulator which can place several microelectrodes close together
This micromanipulator is for multi-channel recording with stereotaxic instruments, and is designed to be as thin as possible without compromising its stability. A fixing holder is employed to fix the microelectrodes, in the same way as thin plates hold the microelectrodes. Rotation mechanisms are equipped for all three planes, and the horizontal plane can be rotated with the operating handle. This makes it possible to set the microelectrode angles and easily position the microelectrodes close together. There are three types (A, B and C) in this series, differentiated by the arrangement of their Z-axis movement unit. The A-type includes a fine movement unit for precise adjustments.

Accessories included     Dedicated Electrode Holder (for ø 1 mm) 

Movement range:     Coarse     X 40 mm, Z 30 mm 
                         Fine    Z 10 mm, Full rotation of knob 250 µm;  Minimum graduation 10 µm;  Pivot angle adjustment
Dimensions, Weight      W 125 × D 28 × H 172 mm, 350 g