Mightex OASIS Micro

In Vivo Celluar Resolution Optogenetics and Imaging System

Microscope Imaging and Cellular-Resolution Optogenetics Platform

The OASIS Micro is a ground-breaking microscope platform for all-optical cellular-resolution optogenetics and imaging in small cortical or deep-brain areas of a head-fixed animal. Simultaneously image small cortical or deep brain regions and perform neuron-specific targeted optogenetics with the addition of Mightex’s Polygon pattern illuminator.

  • Small cortical area or deep-brain for in vivo imaging and optogenetics
  • Cellular-resolution optogenetics
  • Reconfigurable platform
  • Designed for in vivo experiments


Reconfigurable In Vivo Microscope Platform for Imaging and Optogenetics

Mightex’s OASIS Micro is designed as a reconfigurable optical microscope system for in vivo imaging and optogenetics. The final system can be tailored to performance requirements for unique applications. This can include major features such as adding a second and third illumination source, or a dual-camera imaging system, as well as fine details including compatibility features for certain cameras and objectives.




High-Resolution Imaging in the Cortex or Deep-Brain

The OASIS Micro is designed to image the activity of thousands of neuronal populations in a small cortical region or the deep-brain by coupling to a GRIN lens of a head-fixed mouse. The lenses compatible with the OASIS Micro provide high-resolution imaging in vivo.


Cellular-Resolution Optogenetics

Perform cellular-resolution optogenetics or stimulate the entire area with widefield optogenetics. The addition of Mightex’s Polygon to the OASIS Micro platform enables targeted patterned illumination of regions or cells of interest.

Video: Mightex OASIS Micro


Synchronize with Behavioural or Electrophysiology Equipment

Easily synchronize imaging or optogenetics with other lab equipment. Synchronize with your stimulation patterns or imaging with electrophysiology or behavioural equipment.


Simplistic Design for In Vivo Experiments

The OASIS Micro is designed for in vivo experiments with a minimalist design. A heavy-duty precision XYZ stage is mounted on the support structure and the OASIS optical assembly is in turn mounted on the XYZ stage. The XYZ stage controls the lateral motion as well as the focus of the system.

Video: Mightex OASIS Macro Silasi


Compatible with Third-Party Scientific Cameras

When imaging indicators in vivo, scientists need ways to reliably and confidently collect and analyse the signals obtained. The Mightex OASIS Micro platform supports the use of scientific-grade cameras that maximize the quality and temporal resolution of the image acquisition. Compatible with any C-mount camera or multiple cameras.

The Mightex OASIS Micro platform supports the use of scientific-grade cameras




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