Axopatch 200B

Capacitor-Feedback Patch Clamp Amplifier

The Axopatch 200B is a version of Axon Instruments' premier patch-clamp amplifier incorporating the innovative Capacitor-Feedback technology that provides the lowest-noise single-channel recording available. They have improved the integrating patch clamp in the 200B with proprietary technology, which includes cooling of the active elements in the amplifier to achieve the lowest possible electrical noise. Positioning your electrode will also be easier with a slim headstage design that improves access to the preparation.

Other enhancements include three recording configurations in a single headstage (one patch and two whole cell ranges, with capacitance compensation ranges of 100 pF and 1000 pF), increased voltage and current command ranges for electrochemical measurements, built-in capacitance dithering capability for capacitance measurements, and addition of series resistance compensation to the current clamp circuitry to improve performance. Seal Test now provides current steps in current clamp mode as well as voltage steps in voltage clamp mode. Leak Subtraction is now more sensitive in the most important resistance range. The new, slim headstage design improves electrode access to the preparation, and the recording bandwidth has been doubled to up to 100 kHz.

The amazingly low open circuit noise of 0.13 pA rms (10 kHz) increases to only 0.145 pA rms when a patchpipette holder is attached to the headstage input and the pipette.






Polycarbonate pipette holder



Quartz pipette holder

Ground point GP-1

Ground point

for the electrophysiological setup (Sutter Instrument)