Ground point GP-17

for the electrophysiological setup (Sutter Instrument)


The higher the sensitivity or temporal resolution of an electrophysiological experiment the more you need to care about electromagnetic disturbances from outside and electrical noise inevitably coming from electrical devices, which you cannot avoid to have in your setup.  For patch clamping of single cells, even more for recordings of currents in single channels practically you won't have a way around grounding every single component and bringing all grounding wires to a central grounding point.  This is what the ground point is made for. 

The Ground Point GP-17 provides reliable, low resistance connections for star ground connections, the proven method to avoid ground loops in any electrophysiology setup. It accepts 9 banana plugs and 8 bare clamp wires up to 10 gauge (2.6 mm.) The baseplate mounts directly on standard or metric air table tops with the included ¼-20 and M6 screws. Made of solid, machined brass with plated banana/clamp connectors.

Our recommendation: Go for it and avoid spending days on trouble shooting the rig.