npi ELC-03M

Mehrzweckverstärkermodul, für Patch-Clamp, als Hochimpedanz-Elektrometer oder für extrazelluläre Aufnahmen


The ELC-03M was designed for intra- and extracellular recording, precise (single cell) electrical stimulation as well as juxtasomal filling with patch electrodes. The system consists of a module for the npi EPMS-07 modular system and a small headstage with a mounting plate. It can be used in slices or in in vivo preparations using the optional headstage with a differential input. It has separate capacity compensation controls for VC and CC mode, all controls (Bridge balance, CC cap comp, offset, holding controls) are calibrated 10-turn potentiometers.

The ELC-03M is capable to record extracellularly DC or AC coupled, to stimulate with current or voltage and to perform non invasive juxtasomal filling of cells with dyes or DNA. The amplifier can also be used to record and stimulate intracellulary in current clamp (CC) or voltage clamp (VC) in the whole-cell patch clamp configuration. The bridge mode allows additionally intracellular recordings and stimulation with sharp microelectrodes. It is also suitable for ampereometric or voltammetric investigations with carbon fiber electrodes.

ELC amplifiers are also available as desktop stand-alone device.



Input voltage range: ± 10 V, other ranges possible
Operating voltage: ± 15 V
Enclosure: Size: 23 × 70 × 26 mm, grounded
Headstage connector: 8-pole DIN connector
Electrode connector: BNC with driven shield
Ground connector: 2.6 mm banana jack
Reference electrode connector: SMB connector (optional)
Input resistance: >1013 Ω (internally adjustable)
Current range: ± 120 nA into 100 MΩ, other ranges possible

Headstage ELC-HS1
Headstage with mounting plate

Headstage ELC-HS2
Headstage with rod



Offset: range ±100 mV, ten-turn control
CC capacity compensation: range 0 - 30 pF, ten-turn control
VC capacity compensation: time constant and amplitude adjustable with (τ-fast) trim-pots, min. response time: 30 µs
Bias control (CC only): range ±150 pA, current adjustable with trim potentiometer

0-100 MΩ (0-1000 MΩ possible): Adjustable with ten-turn control

Sensitivity 100 mV/MΩ: application of square current pulses ±1 nA
Display: 3 ½ digit, XXXX MΩ, activated by push-button (same as POTENTIAL display)

Full power bandwidth (REL = 0): >30 kHz, rise time (10 % - 90 %)

Output impedance: 50 Ω
Max. voltage: ± 12 V
Current output: BNC connector, sensitivity V/nA,
Current output sensitivity: Rotary switch, range: 0.1, 1, 10
Current display: 3 ½ digits, XX.XX nA, resolution 10 pA
Potential output x1: BNC connector, sensitivity 1 mV/mV
Potential output: BNC connector, range: 10, 100, 1000
Potential/Current low-pass filter: 3-pole BESSEL filter (other options available), attenuation: -18 dB/octave, corner frequency: 2 kHz
Potential high-pass filter: 1-pole BESSEL filter (other options available), attenuation: -6 dB/octave, corner frequencies (Hz): 1, 10, 50, 100, 500

Display mV/MΩ: 3 ½ digits, XXXX mV or XXXX MΩ
Display current: 3 ½ digits, XX.XX nA

Input impedance analog: 100 kΩ
Input range: ± 12 V
Input impedance digital (TTL): 10 kΩ
Input TTL: range: 0-5 V, LO: 1 V, max. 12 V.