Micropipette Puller (Narishige)

Versatile and easy-to-use puller by automated double pulling

PC-100 enables the user to produce many kinds of pipettes including pipettes with a tip of several 10µm to be used for the experiments in biotechnology, those with a tip of a few micrometers to be used for the experiments in electrophysiology, and even those with a tip in the region of 1µm. In terms of producing pipettes with a wide variety of shapes and tips, the function of Mode selector button allows to choose a pulling mode setting between one-stage and two-stage. Once the value has been determined, the specification of PC-100 allows the user to reproduce the same pipette as the last one. In addition, the PC-100 applies free fall by gravity as its pulling force (or descending by the action of a weight), thus it is provided with two types of weights; a light type and a heavy type, two pieces each that is attach/detachable respectively in order to adjust the pulling force. The PC-100 enables you to pull various kinds of pipettes by all those settings of output voltage, pulling mode between one-stage and two-stage, and pulling force adjusted by weights.

The PC-100 is designed specifically for pulling ø1mm~1.5mm O.D. borosilicate glass capillaries.  For pulling capillaries of different O.D. or different materials, please contact us.


Features (changes from PC-10)

The PC-100 is a compatible model with PC-10. The basic function remains the same. Operability is greatly improved.

Simple and easy to use; set-up is easier than ever.

Digital display clearly shows status and setting.

Heating value can be adjusted as needs, even after the needle is placed in the heater coil.

Acrylic cover closes securely.

Elapsed time (from the "START" to end.) shows on display.

The slider unit is protected from dust and debris.



Accessories included     Glass Capillary with Filament (ø1mm × 90mm), Spare Heater (Kanthal wire), AC Power cord

Working voltage     AC100V - AC240V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption     Approx. 70 W

Heating element     Kanthal wire heater / 2.5V at maximum

Dimensions     W 205 × D 190 × H 185 mm

Weight      3.45 kg


Accessories / Replacement parts:

PC-100H     Spare Heater (Kanthal wire), pack of 5