Vertical Micropipette Puller (Sutter Instrument)



The Model P-30 vertical micropipette puller is designed for the fabrication of basic micropipettes and patch-type pipettes. It will pull micropipettes with tip diameters as small as 0.3µm and moderate taper lengths (10 to 15mm). Using an included patching attachment, the P-30 will pull the standard double pull patch-type pipette. Used with thin wall glass capillaries it will generate pipettes or needles suitable for microinjection studies. The P-30 is ideal for student laboratories and other situations which call for an economical, reliable pipette pulling device.

The P-30 is available with either platinum/iridium or nichrome filament. Platinum is more efficient at heating and cooling but is more prone to damage. While nichrome is suitable for many applications, platinum is recommended for large diameter, thick wall and aluminosilicate glass and applications requiring shorter taper lengths.



  • Pulls electrodes with tip diameters down to 0.3 µm consistently and reliably.
  • A micrometer allows precision reproducibility of trip point settings in producing fine microelectrodes.
  • Full three digit digital controls for accurate setting of heat and pull values.
  • Constant current power supplies for filament and pull solenoid.
  • Dual (manually) switched heat settings for patch pulling or two different types of micropipettes.
  • Enclosed front to reduce variability caused by drafts.
  • All working parts are made from corrosion resistant material.
  • Two heating assemblies available; platinum/iridium (recommended) or nichrome coil.
  • Built in RFI filter and dual voltage/dual frequency operation.
  • Rubber padded jaws to minimize breakage of capillary tubing.
  • Designed to take up a minimum of bench space.
  • Slope of the front panel aids in preventing glass from entering cabinet/solenoid mechanism.



Dimensions     46 cm × 25 cm × 23 cm

Weight     16 kg

Electrical     115/230 V, 50/60 Hz


P-30/P     puller with platinum/iridium filament

P-30/N     puller with nichrome filament.


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