Mightex High-Power Lightguide Coupled LED Sources


Mightex GCS-series high-power LED sources are designed for high-efficiency coupling of LED light into a liquid lightguide (LLG) or a fiber optic bundle. Virtually all lightguides with core diameters ranging from 3mm to 8mm can be used with the GCS-series light source. Please note that lightguides and adapters are sold separately. GCS series also features a locking electrical connector for secured connection. GCS series are designed as a universal light source for general lab use and OEM applications. All Mightex LED drivers such as the SLC series or other LED drivers and current sources can be used to drive the GCS-series light sources. The one-piece machined aluminum alloy housing features integrated heatsinks and multiple mounting holes.

Mightex GCS-series high-power LED sources

Multi-chip LED emitters have been added to the product portfolio (Type-B). Some of these 7W to 15W LEDs have total optical power exceeding 1W, quadrupling the power of a single-chip LED (Type-A). Models with higher powers (i.e. Type-B with 7W and higher) feature a cooling fan, and have a different form factor compared to other models. Please examine the installation drawings carefully. Power supply for the cooling fan is included in the price of the LED sources.

To drive a GCS LED source, one can use any one of the wide range of LED controllers Mightex has to offer:

  • Software controlled LED controllers; or
  • Manual LED drivers.

IMPORTANT : (1) LED’s can ONLY be driven by a constant-current source, and NOT a voltage source (e.g. a battery, or a AC/DC power supply etc.); (2) Please always verify LED’s current rating first before applying current to the LED, and please always make sure NOT to apply current that is above the LED’s current rating.




  • High output power
  • Broad wavelength selections in VIS, UV and NIR
  • Interchangeable liquid lightguides or fiber bundles
  • Compact, machined metal housing with integrated heat sink
  • Multiple mounting features for lab and OEM applications
  • Locking electrical connector


  • Microscopy
  • Fluorescence
  • Machine vision
  • Sensors
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Testing instruments
  • Medical instruments





Click here to download datasheet (form manufacturer's website.)



About High Power LED Light Sources

Selecting a Microscopy LED Light Source

1. Select LED Wavelength

Emission Spectra
Multiple Available Wavelengths  (Click to enlarge. Also see: Specification Sheet; Manufacturer's website)



2. Select LED Configuration


Mightex Microscope LED Light Source Configuration
Single-Wavelength:      Type A, Type B, Type J & Type H



Mightex Microscope LED Light Source Configuration
Multi-Wavelength:       Type A, Type B, Type J & Type H



Mightex Microscope LED Light Source Configuration
Wavelength-Switchable:     Type A



3. Select LED Controller

Mightex Microscope LED Light Source Controller Option
Manual/Analog:       BLS-1000-2, BLS-3000-2, BLS-13000-1, and BLS-18000-1


Mightex Microscope LED Light Source Controller Option
Manual/Software/Analog/TTL          BLS-IO04-US



4. Microscope Coupling

Microscope adapters are available for all major manufacturers (Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Zeiss). If you have a different microscope, please contact us.

Mightex Microscope LED Light Source Configuration


Mightex Microscope LED Light Source Configuration
Lightguide-Wavelength Microscopy



LED Application Examples

Abdelfattah AS et al., Bright and Photostable Chemigenetic Indicators for Extended In Vivo Voltage Imaging – Science (2019)
Abdelfattah et al., developed novel chemigenetic indicators for in vivo voltage imaging in neurons. To illuminate their indicators, the group used Mightex’s Microscope LEDs.

Crandall SR, et al.,  Infrabarrels Are Layer 6 Circuit Modules in the Barrel Cortex that Link Long-Range Inputs and Outputs – Cell Reports (2017)
In this work, Crandall et al., used Mightex’s Microscope LEDs to optically stimulating different neuronal pathways connecting to pyramidal neurons found in L6 of the whisker somatosensory cortex of mice.

Higgs MH, Measurement of Phase Resetting Curves Using Optogenetic Barrage Stimuli – Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2017)
To study phase resetting curves in vivo, Higgs and Wilson used Mightex’s Microscope LEDs to establish whether their novel method of optogenetic barrage stimulation would work during extracellular spike recordings (a recording method often used in in vivo experiments).



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