Premium Software and FPGA-based Acquisition System (for MOM)



ScanImage is imaging software for scanning microscopes developed by Karel Svoboda and coworkers (Pologruto et al, 2003) and judiciously maintained by members of the Svoboda lab, first at CSHL and then at Janelia Farms, HHMI. It is hard to over-estimate the influence of this software in the field of two-photon scanning microscopy.

ScanImage was designed to be a freely available open source program and its early maintenance was “easily” supported. However, as ScanImage became increasingly popular and as new versions were required to cover changes in operating systems and hardware drivers, it soon became obvious that a high level of maintenance could not be sustained based on the “freeware model”. Ultimately, ScanImage support and development has become a commercial enterprise and Vidrio is the new face of ScanImage.

Two-photon microscope development at Sutter Instrument has been closely tied to ScanImage software for years. In addition to the MOM® in vivo two-photon scope, Sutter has many products that are used by two-photon microscopists using ScanImage including our stepper motor drive XYZ controllers, galvo and resonant scanner systems, PMTs and PMT power supplies. We are grateful to have had a mutual, continuing connection to ScanImage and the ScanImage community for over ten years.

Sutter Instrument provides hardware that operates seamlessly with all versions of ScanImage. Products can be purchased ala carte or as a bundled system with ScanImage Premium or SI 5.

For technical information about ScanImage Premium and SI 5, we direct you to the Vidrio and ScanImage web sites.


ScanImage -



  • Supports linear galvanometer and resonant scanning hardware
  • Provides support for resonant, galvanometer, galvanometer triple scanner combination
  • Precise experimental synchronization between imaging, physiology and behavior with user defined triggers and internal clock signals
  • Full support for simultaneous imaging and photostimulation applications requiring parallel scanner paths
  • Multi-region of interest mode provides targeted sequential imaging and photostimulation
  • Multiple arbitrary line scanning
  • Continuous volume imaging with fast piezo support (PI, nPoint)
  • Step and settle volume imaging with piezos or Optotune
  • FPGA based continuous, gap-free data acquisition for real-time image processing and future closed loop data processing
  • MatLab interface offers user scripting and custom analysis capabilities with a full hardware control API exposed for automating experiments
  • Integration with WaveSurfer enables synchronized electrode recording and general data recording



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