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Three-Photon Microscope (Sutter Instrument)
Sutter Instrument   MOM 3P  Threephoton-MicroscopeThree photons go deeper into tissue than two would get!



Microscope for deep-tissue, three-photon imaging.

Most two-photon microscopes these days are labeled “multiphoton” and are specified as transmitting IR excitation out to 1900 nm. While very few of these microscopes are currently used for three-photon imaging, Sutter’s MOM™ already has an established record in 3P microscopy.

A specially modified Sutter MOM was the first scope used by Chris Xu at Cornell for his pioneering work in 3P imaging at 1300 nm and then later at 1700 nm (Kobat et al, 2011, Horton et al, 2013).

A MOM installed in late 2016 at the Allen Institute of Brain Science in Seattle was modified by researchers at the Allen and is actively used for 3P imaging (mentioned in McCoy and Arrigoni, Biophotonics, April 2018). This work was described to a broader audience by Jack Waters at a satellite meeting at Society for Neuroscience 2018 in San Diego.

Sutter Instrument is also collaborating with Jing Wang at UCSD, who is carrying on the work begun by his lab and the lab of the late Joel Kubby at UCSC. Their published work demonstrated that three-photon excitation enables non-invasive imaging of the fly brain. We are modifying the optics in an existing MOM at UCSD to transmit the longer excitation wavelengths needed for three-photon imaging. Wang and coworkers are modifying the detector path to better collect scattered photons.

Since 2015, Sutter Instrument several MOMs preconfigured for three-photon imaging.

Sutter 3P-MOM is a proven platform for 3 photon microscopy! Contact us for more information.



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