Lightguide-coupled Pattern Illuminator, larger field of view
Mightex Polygon1000 with 1x Front TubeMightex Polygon1000 with 1x Front Tube


The Polygon1000-G is a flexible solution for patterned illumination, as this patterned illuminator can be used with any lightsource (350-700 nm) that accepts a 3 mm core lightguide. Thus, the Polygon1000-G provides future flexibility for different wavelengths and lightsources, depending on your application.  Key applications include Neuroscience Optogenetics, Cell Biology Optogenetics, Photoactivation, Photoconversion, etc. (see below.)

  • Wavelengths: 350-700 nm
  • Lightsource: lightguide-coupled
  • Interchangeable front tubes available for fine resolution or large field-of-view
  • USB2.0 or USB3.0 versions available

Also see the Mightex Polygon1000-DL, to be used with any fiber-coupled lightsource, such as high-power lasers.  This may be needed for in vivo optogenetics, cortex-wide optogenetics, and photoactivation. 

Mightex Polygon Patterned Stimulation Device 

The Polygon pattern illuminators are Mightex’s market-leading modules for targeted photostimulation. The Polygon provides precise spatiotemporal control of light with subcellular resolution, making it the perfect illumination tool for scientific research. Compatible with any upright or inverted microscope, the Polygon enables researchers to send light to anywhere on their specimen, and in any shape, size and complexity now within a large projection field-of-view. In addition, multiple regions-of-interest (ROIs) can be illuminated simultaneously, and patterns can be switched at kHz speeds. Different wavelengths of light can be used with the Polygon for virtual simultaneous multi-color illumination of unique ROIs. Polygon systems seamlessly integrate via TTL with other equipment such as electrophysiology tools or cameras.



  • Illuminate any Shape or Size Within Large Field-of-View
  • Multi-Wavelength Illumination of Distinct ROIs
  • Simultaneous Multi-Region Illumination
  • Fast Pattern Switching Speed
  • Fits on any Microscope
  • External Equipment Synchronization
The Polygon DMD device can be mounted into the infinity-path of any microscope

The Polygon is designed to be coupled into the infinity space of any microscope model (Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss) with Mightex’s microscope-specific adapters.  Different adapters are available for Upright Microscopes and for Inverted Microscopes.  Please contact us to discuss the options available for coupling to your microscope.


State-of-the-Art DMD Technology

The Polygon uses digital mirror device (DMD) technology to illuminate multiple regions simultaneously. A DMD is composed of up to millions of micro-mirrors that can be individually turned ON/OFF to reflect light onto the sample. Thus, you can control each mirror to control the area(s) of illumination and create any number of different-sized ROIs simultaneously. The Polygon DMD device can be mounted into the infinity-path of any microscope.

Digital Mirror Device function
DMD-based patterned illumination


Illumination of Any Shape or Size

The Polygon enables scientists to precisely control where light will hit their sample. With subcellular resolution, the Polygon can illuminate any cellular feature in any shape or size. Our pattern editor allows the researcher to draw any pattern in true dimension or import an image of interest to project onto their sample, providing full spatial control of illumination.

stimulation pattern examples


Multi-Wavelength Illumination

The Polygon provides great flexibility when it comes down to wavelength selection. From UV to VIS/NIR range, the Polygon can project light of different colours suitable for your light-sensitive constructs.

multi-colour stimulation pattern examples



Simultaneous Multi-Region Illumination

Unlike a point scanner that sequentially illuminates a region-of-interest pixel by pixel, the Polygon projects all ON pixels simultaneously such that multiple regions-of-interest are illuminated at the exact same time.

Simultaneous Multi-Region Illumination Video



Synchronize with Electrophysiology or Imaging Equipment

The Polygon comes with BNC connectorized TTL trigger input and output for easy synchronization with multiple lab equipment. Synchronize the Polygon with your motorized stage for field of view stitching, or synchronize your stimulation patterns with electrophysiology equipment.

ROI mode Video


Temporal & Intensity Control of Light Stimulation

Control the initiation, duration, and intensity of light stimulation patterns using the Polygon. Create different waveforms to control the light intensity and duration outputted from the Polygon.

Temporal & Intensity Control of Light Stimulation Video



Powerful User-Friendly Polyscan Software for Life Science Experiments

Mightex’s PolyScan software platform is bundled with every Polygon to help you execute sophisticated patterned illumination experiments for your research. It provides:

  • Easy to use GUI to draw and define illumination patterns
  • Arrange sequences of illumination patterns
  • Define temporal illumination parameters for you experiments
  • Synchronize illumination patterns with other lab equipment

Polyscan Software Video



Polygon Applications

  • Neuroscience: Single-cell Resolution Optogenetics
  • Cell Biology: Subcellular Resolution Optogenetics
  • Freely-Behaving Optogenetics
  • Cortex-Wide Optogenetics
  • Photoactivation, Photoconversion & Photoswitching
  • Uncaging
  • Photopatterning



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