Head Holding Device for Chronic Use with Rats (Narishige)


Head holding device for chronic and behavioral experiments.

The SR-10AR is a head holding device designed for chronic experiments on rats and can be installed on the SR series stereotaxic instruments. The shapes of the chamber and chamber fixation parts have been wholly redesigned to facilitate each work process in preparation (chamber fixation), training (operant learning), and recording (behavioral/physiological experiments). The SR-10AR is intended for users at all levels of expertise, both experienced and novice users. Customization also available for your specific needs.

The SR-10AR is intended for users who already own a stereotaxic instrument. If you do not have a base plate, please obtain the SR-10R-HT.

Also available is the SR-9AM designed exclusively for chronic experiments on mice.

By replacing the mouse-nose piece with CA-6, the instruments can be used for common marmosets.

The chamber frame is customizable to your own application. Please contact us for details.

By bonding the chamber frame onto the head of a rat, repeated fixations in the same position in an unanesthetized state have become possible. Once the chamber frame is fixed on the head, without the need for anesthetization, the rat can be stereotaxically fixed without using the mouth/nose clamp or ear bars, enabling the SR-10AR to be used for visual and/or auditory experiments.


Accessories included
EB-3A   Ear Bars for Rats (in a pair)
EB-4N   Auxiliary Ear Bar for Rats
CFR-1   Chamber Frame (5 pcs)


Dimensions, Weight
Base plate     W 300 × D 200 × H 85 to 106 mm, 1.6 kg