Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen Controller Solutions

(Digital Pixel)


CO2 Gas Controller Systems

A wide variety of cell systems, require a closely controlled CO2 concentration to maintain cell viability over extended periods. While it is possible to use 5 % CO2 cylinders, these are expensive, bulky and provide limited flexibility in terms of the CO2 concentration range possible. Put simply 5 % CO2 concentration at the cylinder does not guarantee the optimum outcome for your cells. Furthermore the use of flow based mixing systems, while a little less expensive provide far from consistent gas concentrations.

There are three options in the Digital Pixel range of CO2 controllers, designed to meet the needs of a single microscope system, or those of a Core Microscope Facility, and finally for use with our SuperSealTM enhanced sealed chamber system. System installation is easy. Digital Pixel CO2 controllers only require 100 % CO2. Additional gas supplies such as air or N2 are not necessary.


This system is designed to meet the CO2 requirements of several microscope systems. It has an enhanced pumping system, and is supplied with 6 mm OD tubing and flow controllers to supply up to three microscopes, provided the total flow distance is less than 15 meters. The flow rate can be controlled internally over four flow setting using a simple rate dial. The easy to use front panel shows the CO2 CONC SET, and the CO2 CONC ACTUAL. The range of the system is 0.1-20 %.


Designed to meet the CO2 requirements of a single microscope system, it features a long life internal pump. Again the flow Rate can be controlled, with four flow setting including OFF without turning the controller OFF. This feature means you can be ready to go at any time. Again the CO2 concentration range is 0.1-20 %. Optionally Relative Humidity Monitoring and control is also possible.


This system is designed to control the CO2 concentration within a whole chamber. It must be used in conjunction with one of our SuperSeal™ Chamber Systems. In this configuration CO2 is delivered directly into the sample area. CO2 concentration is measured close to the sample are. These systems are designed for applications requiring complete access to the sample, for example for the addition of a drug or other perturbing material during a time lapse experiment.


Designed for hypoxia studies, this system measures CO2 and O2 concentration within the sample area. Microprocessor based technology maintains CO2 concentration in the range 0-8 % range is 0.1-20 % and O2 concentration in the range 21 % to 1.0 %. Direct measurement in the sample area provides clear and obvious benefits over measuring gas concentrations at a distance.


  • High Performance NIRD CO2 detector used to monitor concentration.
  • Long life pump provides excellent gas delivery.
  • Microprocessor controlled concentration levels- No Guess work
  • Only 100 % CO2 gas supply required for full operation- No O2 or N2 required.


Sealed Inserts

The Digital Pixel gas controller range includes  a range of sealed inserts for industry standard motorised stages. Normal inserts are open and as a result cannot maintain when a desired CO2 concentration in the sample area.

Digital Pixel Sealed Inserts are designed to maintain CO2 concentration at the sample. Gas is introduced through a push/pull 3 mm OD flexible tube fitting. This provides easy connectivity while minimising any tubing drag on the stage. A clear glass lid allows easy access to the sample. Our inserts accept multi well dishes, as well as slides and Petri dishes.