Top-Box 2701-21

Top-Box PGF8: 8 channels of tracking filter with PLL synthesiser (CED)


The standard Power1401 may be expanded in capability by fitting a range of modular top boxes.  These expansion boxes make internal connections to the Power1401 motherboard. They require the Power1401 expanded mechanics (can and case) and are unsuitable for end-user installation.

8 channels of tracking filter with PLL synthesiser

The PGF8 2701-21 is designed for researchers in vibration analysis and other systems generating periodic signals. It provides eight signal-processing channels plus auxiliary circuits. The heart of each channel is the switched-capacitor filter (SCF) and selectable gain, but there are also options for AC coupling, and simultaneous sample-and-hold (S&H). The channels have individual control of gain level, and individual enabling of the SCF and the AC coupling. The SCF pass frequency and the S&H functions act equally on all channels.

A phase-locked loop (PLL) offers programmable frequency multiplication of a trigger source. This can be very useful when triggering information comes from smoothly-varying systems such as rotating shafts. The front panel provides outputs for DACs 2 and 3.




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