Ag/AgCl Electrodes IVM

Silver Chloride Bath Electrodes: Pellets, Disks, and Wires


Ag-AgCl (silver-silver chloride) electrodes are available in a variety of standard configurations for use in electrochemistry, electrophysiology, and precision bioelectric recording and stimulation.

Ag-AgCl electrodes made by IVM have superior properties because they are made with very high purity chemicals. A careful proprietary process results in a fine grain, homogeneous mixture of silver and silver chloride. The mixture is then compressed and sintered into the various configurations. A pliable silver wire is embedded in the Ag-AgCl matrix to provide electrical connection by soldering or other means.

The electrodes have the consistency of a soft metal and are easily reshaped by sanding, filing, cutting and drilling. They can be cemented and sealed to other materials with epoxy adhesives. Electrochemically, Ag-AgCl electrodes are extremely stable and reproducible. The presence of silver chloride in the silver matrix allows the electrode to behave as a near perfect, nonpolarizable (reversible) electrode.

Unlike plated or chlorided silver, IVM Ag-AgCl electrodes are homogeneous throughout. If the surface is damaged or contaminated, a new surface can be exposed to restore the original performance of the electrode.

Ag-AgCl electrodes are nontoxic because of their stability and reproducibility, Ag-AgCl electrodes make excellent STANDARD and REFERENCE electrodes.


Note: Availability of some electrodes may be subject to change.

For equivalent alternatives and/or custom made options, please contact us.





2.0 mm dia. × 4.0 mm pellet, 10 mm exposed wire


1.5 mm dia. × 3.0 mm pellet, 10 mm exposed wire


4.0 mm dia. × 1.0 mm disk, 10 mm exposed wire


8,0 mm dia. × 1.0 mm disk, 10 mm exposed wire


12.0 mm dia. × 1.0 mm disk, 10 mm exposed wire


1.0 mm dia. × 2.5 mm pellet, 70 mm exposed wire


2.0 mm dia. × 2.5 mm pellet, 70 mm exposed wire


2.0 mm dia. × 2.5 mm pellet, 10 mm exposed wire


pre-wired disk electrode, 4.0 mm dia.


pre-wired disk electrode, 8.0 mm dia.


pre-wired disk electrode, 12.0 mm dia.


24.0 mm dia. × 1.0 mm disk, 10 mm wire



AgCl Pellets

AgCl Disks





These solid Ag-AgCl electrodes offer many advantages. They are low-profile, due to a thin coating of hard epoxy on the back side - only one side and the edges make skin contact. A white silicone rubber insulated wire is permanently connected and sealed to the electrode resulting in a waterproof electrode. The 20 cm wire is unterminated for connection of choice. These electrodes can be used subcutaneously in animal studies.

 Implantable Electrodes