Series 66

Active Air Suspension Isolation Platform (TMC)

TMC 66-501: Currently not available.


Compact equipment platform as an alternative to air suspension Isolation tables. 

This platform features an exceptionally low profile and outstanding vibration isolation characteristics.

The enclosure base and sides are made of electropolished stainless steel.  The vibration-isolated working platform consists of a 6.5 mm thick, powder-coat painted steel plate.

The patented CPS™ isolation system uses only air to operate, with the required operating pressure being approx. 5.5 bar.  A self-leveling air spring isolator ensures that the plate returns to its original position when different equipment weights are loaded.  It is easy to connect the system to an available compressed air source or a compressor.


Isolator natural frequency:

Vertical  2.9 Hz

Horizontal  2.5 Hz

Isolation efficiency at 5 Hz:

Vertical  70 - 90 %

Horizontal  60 - 90 %

Isolation efficiency at 10 Hz:

Vertical   80 - 99 %

Horizontal  80 - 99 %


Dimensions:      W 460 mm × D  510 mm × H 76 mm

Weight:             22 kg

Load capacity:      65 kg