Large Fixed Stage Platform (Sutter Instrument)

Designed for experiments where a large single stage is dictated, the MT-78-FS large-stage platforms provide solid, stable support and ample space to attach manipulators and other instruments as needed.  The rigid aluminum top plate sits firmly on two MT-75 gantry-style stands.  Multiple degrees of freedom accommodate a variety of microscope and instrument arrangements.

The MT-78-FS Fixed Stage platform, paired with a Sutter Instrument XY translator (either the motorized MT-800 or manual MT-500), offers a large, single-platform solution for researchers performing experiments requiring X-Y translation of the optical pathway in order to view multiple locations within the specimen at high resolution.

The cast aluminum top plate used in the MT-78-FS has an attractive shape with an extensive ¼-20 threaded hole pattern on 1-inch centers.  This hole pattern is appropriate for mounting Sutter MP285 or MP225 manipulator mechanicals. Optional rotating bases (285RBI) are also compatible.

In the center of the MT-78-FS top plate is a 4 × 6 inch milled pocket that will accommodate a variety of aluminum stage inserts.  Custom aluminum inserts can also be provided.  An available magnetic stainless steel insert carries commercial chambers or can be provided with a simple large, through hole for mounting a custom chamber.  The magnetic insert allows small magnetic devices (perfusion lines, ground electrodes, small manipulators) to be mounted easily near the dish.



  • Stable support and solid design
  • Accomodates a variety of stage inserts
  • Compatible with Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica upright and inverted microscopes.



Baseplate Dimensions     200 mm × 375 mm × 55 mm

Maximum Travel    25 mm (xy Translator)

Maximum Load     50 kg

Weight     16 kg