Motorized Microscope Stage (Sutter Instrument)


  • Highly stable for experiments intolerant of drift
  • Submicron repeatablity
  • Submicron (50 nm) minimal resolution for fine movement
  • Convenient thumbwheel selects speed of movement
  • 120 mm of motorized travel on the X axis 85 mm of motorized travel on the Y axis
  • Height-adjustable inverted joystick for optimal ergonomics
  • Convenient knobs allow for movement in X and Y when the stage is off
  • Adjustable total travel

The SMS-120 is a flat-top microscope stage designed for rapid, repeatable positioning of slides,chambered slides, multi-well plates, and other specimen holders.  The stage is constructed from machined aluminum plates to minimize distortion.  Precision crossroller bearings, high-accuracy lead screws, and stepper-motor based drives, assure smooth, responsive movement over the 120mm travel in the X axis and 85mm travel in the Y axis.

The SMS-120 has a robust and innovative design that minimizes maintenance. Great care was made in choosing the right components for maximum lifetime and repeatability.  The X and Y drive systems are fixed in a single position and remain fixed over the entire travel of the stage (patent pending.)

A controller, capable of rack mounting, provides the USB interface between the SMS-120 stage and the computer.  USB and Virtual Com Port (VCP) drivers are available for 3rd party software integration.  The SMS controller also contains TTL in and out for device synchronization.

Joystick control is provided via a multi-functional inverted joystick.  The joystick is height adjustable to optimize comfort during operation. The joystick contains a 6-position speed adjustment knob and function keys.  The function keys are positioned on the joystick base and can be located by touch, eliminating the need to look away from the microscope.  A centering function moves the stage to the center of travel, the “Home” position advances the stage to end of travel, and a “Work” command returns the stage to a position defined by the user anywhere in the range of travel.

The total travel of the SMS-120 can be limited with adjustable end of travel magnets; a useful tool when working exclusively with specimen holders smaller than a multi-well plate. For user convenience, manual knobs have been provided for fine positioning so that simple manipulations can be made without powering the system.



Travel     120 mm in X,  85 mm in Y

Resolution     50 nm

Maximum Speed     8.0 mm/s

Long Term Stability     < 1 μm/h maximum

Drive Mechanism     Stepper motor linked lead screw with anti-backlash nut


Mechanical:   40.6 cm × 29.9 cm × 7.62 cm

Controller:   10 cm × 40.5 cm × 31 cm


Stage:   9.5kg

Controller:  4.5 kg

Electrical     115/230 V, 50/60 Hz



SMS-120 SYSTEM    Includes the SMS-120 motorized stage, controller, joystick user-interface, connecting cable, manual, and one insert of your choice.  Microscope models available at time of catalog printing.  Please contact Science Products Customer Support  to discuss the availability of other makes and models.

SMS120/N27   SMS-120 system for Nikon TE2000

SMS120/N29   SMS-120 system for Nikon Ti

SMS120/Y71   SMS-120 system for Olympus IX71/81


ACCESSORIES  (included with the SMS-120)

120-10  Single slide insert with spring clips

120-20  Multiwell plate insert 5 in × 3.33 in

120-30  Single 35 mm dish insert

120-40  LabTek® chambered slide insert



120-50  Universal stage insert

Uses two adjustable sliders to secure either a single slide or a single dish of varying diameter (25 to 65 mm)