Water Hydraulic Micromanipulator; 1:1 System (Narishige)

Liquid hydraulic micromanipulators developed for patch clamping generally use the 1:5 cartridge system to solve the problem of drifting.  Since this can limit their driving range to as little as 2 mm, customers who want a wide driving range are recommended to choose this product, which uses a 1:1 cartridge.  The drum type control unit has a large handle for precise operation and high linear repeatability.  The water hydraulic system is less prone to drift caused by changes in temperature than an oil hydraulic system, and is thus more suitable for patch clamping.  A coarse manipulator is not mounted, so must be purchased separately.

1 : 1 cartridge type

Fine movement range
    10 mm (X, Y and Z)

Full rotation of knob
    250 µm

Minimum Graduation
    1 µm

Accessories (included)
    B-8C Ball Joint, H-7 Pipette Holder, CF-3 Tube Fixture, Allen Wrench