Cost-effective Data Acquisition Unit (CED)

The Micro1401-4 is a low-cost, versatile data acquisition unit.  The on-board processor with high-speed memory is optimised for real-time processing, free from the constraints of the host computer operating system.  Fast and accurate sampling coupled with simultaneous output offers extensive on-line experiment control.

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Fast data acquisition and analysis

The Micro4 records waveform data, digital (event) and marker information and can simultaneously generate waveform and digital outputs in real-time for multi-tasking experimental control.  It features high-speed waveform capture at rates up to 1 MHz with 16-bit resolution.  The 32-bit RISC processor allows complex on-line analysis while freeing time for the host computer to perform other tasks, such as data manipulation and further analysis.


  • 4 channels of 16-bit waveform input on base unit
  • Event channels (time stamp) expansion
  • Software-selectable ±5 V or ±10 V input and output ranges
  • Synchronisation with other CED 1401s for large numbers of channels, all accurately timed
  • USB 2.0 high-speed connection
  • Firmware upgrades via CED website


CED application software

The CED Spike2 and Signal applications customize the system for use in a wide range of research areas.  Advanced software features such as on-line spike sorting in Spike2 and fast sweep modes in Signal are enhanced when using the Micro4.  Applications include

  • Tetrode and n-trode recording
  • Single and multi-unit spike processing
  • Evoked response, TMS and rTMS
  • In-vivo and in-vitro studies
  • Gastro-intestinal studies
  • Cardiovascular studies
  • Tremor analysis
  • ECG, EEG, EMG and EOG
  • Patch and Voltage clamp
  • Sports physiology
  • LTP, LTD capture and analysis


Spike2 - continuous data acquisition and analysis


Signal - sweep-based data capture and analysis


Technical Specifications

Waveform I/O
Waveform input: 4 channels on base unit
Total of 16, 28, 64 or 128 waveform inputs via expansion units
ADC: 16-bit, 1 MHz maximum aggregate sampling rate
Waveform output: 2 channels, optionally 4 more details
DACs: 16-bit, 1 µs settling time
Waveform I/O software selectable ±5 V, or ±10 V
System accuracy and noise: 0.05 % of full scale ±1.5 bit RMS

Digital I/O
Digital inputs and outputs 5V TTL compatible, inputs over-voltage protected
16 digital inputs, 8 with change-of-state detection to micro-second accuracy
16 digital outputs, 8 clocked for microsecond accurate switching
Handshake lines for byte input and output

Clocks and Events
4 programmable clocks with 100 ns resolution
BNC socket for clock inputs and event (clock start) connections

Processor and memory
32-bit ARM Cortex M7 processor running at 400 MHz
32 MB of fast read-write memory

Case and power supply
Size: 366 × 48 × 217 mm (14.4 × 1.75 × 8.5 ins) (W × H × D)
Rack mount for standard 19 inch laboratory racks
External 110-240 V 50-60 Hz auto-sensing power supply, 15 W approx.
12 V DC power option for mobile, trolley or remote applications

Synchronize (time lock) multiple Micro1401s and Power1401s

Host interface
USB 2.0

Rear view of the Micro1401



Software compatible with CED 1401, Power1401 and 1401plus at application level.

Runs CED Spike2, Signal and applications written for the CED 1401 family of interfaces.

Drivers for Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, and 32-bit and 64-bit XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10. Intel Macintosh running Windows. 


Expandable for advanced applications

The expandable design of the Micro4 enables users to configure their systems to suit specific requirements.

A selection of expansion units  allows enhancement of the Micro4 to suit your application.



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