Microinjector (Narishige)

The IM-9B gives precise control of injection/ suction and is suitable for use on the injection side.  Graduations are minimized, but fluid quantity can be read easily and accurately.  In addition to the metal syringe, a high-precision glass syringe is provided, with highly polished inner and outer surfaces.

Like the IM-9A, the IM-9B can be attached to customary O.D. 7 mm - 14 mm syringes.



IM-H2 injection holder set (consisting of HI-7, CT-1 and CI-3)

O ring

Silicone grease

polyethylene tube

Silicon rubber gasket

Allen wrench

CI-1 tube connector


Movement range
Plunger 53 mm, Full rotation of knob 500 µm

Control capacity
Total volumes 1060 µl, Full rotation of knob approx. 10 µl

Dimensions / Weight
W 175 - 228 × D 55 × H 77 mm
0.65 kg