npi HV-TR150

Tracer Injection Module

The HV-TR150 is a high voltage amplifier designed to inject dyes into cells iontophoretically. It can be used in combination with an amplifier module or independently as a iontophoresis system.

The HV-TR150 can deliver max. 1500 nA into 100 MΩ and can be operated continuously or gated by a TTL signal. The injection current can be set either by a built-in potentiometer or by a data acquisition system.

BRAM and HV-TR150
BRAM(1) and HV-TR150(2) headstages with electrode holder(3)

A toggle switch allows convenient switching between recording and injection, when operated in combination with an amplifier module using the same electrode. This switch can also be operated with a TTL signal. Two LEDs at the front panel indicate whether the amplifier or the HV-TR150 is connected to the electrode. A red LED at the headstage indicates additionally that the HV-TR150 is connected to the electrode.

A digital display shows the amplitude of the injection current.

IMPORTANT: The EPMS-H-07 housing is required to operate this module!


DISPLAY current: XXXX nA

ANALOG INPUT: sensitivity 100 nA / V, 
Rin > 100 kΩ, range ±10 V

CURRENT MONITOR: sensitivity 100 nA / V, Rout = 250 Ω, not isolated

VOLTAGE MONITOR: VEL / 10, Rout = 250 Ω, not isolated

SIZE: front panel 12 HP (60.6 mm) x 3U (128,5 mm), 175 mm deep

ELECTRODE OUTPUT: floating current source, output impedance >10E12 Ω

MAXIMUM CURRENT: 1.5 µA into 100 MΩ load

OUTPUT CURRENT POLARITY: selected by +/0/- toggle switch

OUTPUT CURRENT AMPLITUDE: selected by 10-turn potentiometer or analog input

MODES OF OPERATION: set by two toggle switches or TTL signal CONT./GATE switch enables manual or TTL gated operation AMP./HV. switch connects the recording/application electrode output to amplifier’s headstage or to HV-TR150 current source output

HEADSTAGE SIZE: 65x25x25 mm Holding bar length: 150 mm; diameter: 8 mm.