Microelectrode Beveler (Sutter Instrument)



The BV-10 offers precision beveling of micropipette tips between 0.1 and 50 µm.  The unique abrasive plate  drive system is vibration free for greater control of the beveling process.

Intracellular recording electrodes can benefit from beveling because of

  1. a reduction in the tip diameter by creation of the sharp  point on the electrode, and
  2. a lowered electrical resistance of the electrode due to the larger cross sectional area of the lumen.

This greatly facilitates penetrating and holding very small or difficult  cells.  Microinjection needles also benefit from beveling by promoting entry into cells with minimal damage while at the same time enhancing the flow of material through the needle.



BV-10-B     Micropipette beveler basic system*

BV-10-C     BV-10-B with electrode impedance meter

BV-10-D     BV-10-B with 40× stereo microscope

BV-10-E     BV-10-B with impedance meter and 40× stereo microscope

*Includes micromanipulator, reference wick, reference wick holder, pedestal oil, degreaser, manual, and two abrasive plates of your choice.



Sutter Instrument BVM-CE
BVM-CE   Electrode impedance meter with active and reference lead

BV-10S     40× stereo microscope

104C     Diamond abrasive plate - coarse (5.0 µm to 50 µm tip sizes)

104D     Diamond abrasive plate - fine (2.0 µm to 20 µm tip sizes)

104E     Diamond abrasive plate - very fine (0.7 µm to 2.0 µm tip sizes)

104F     Diamond abrasive plate - extra fine (0.2 µm to 1.0 µm tip sizes)

007     Degreaser (bottle)

008     Beveler pedestal oil


Replacement Parts

101     6-inch reference lead (body to meter)

102     2-inch active lead (platinum to pipette)

X050300     Reference wick

M100019     Reference wick holder

H906100     Drive belt

O740130     Reticle grid for BV-10S scope, 5 mm scale / 100 divisions


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