Iontophoretic Drug Ejection Modules

MVCC-M-45   Standard system
Balance module for up to four channels without capacity compensation

Single channel system with capacity compensation, electrode resistance test and a headstage


MVCS EPMS modules have the same specification as the 19" stand-alone devices except that they do not have a built-in balance channel. But a separate module (MVCC) can be used to balance the ejection current from up to four ejection modules.

IMPORTANT: The EPMS-H-07 housing is required to operate these modules.

Standard voltage range is ±45 V. Other voltage ranges (±15 V, ±150 V, ±225 V) are available on request.


GAIN: rotary-switch, OFF-10-20-50-100-200-500-1000

OVERLOAD: starting to light up at ±10 V

OUTPUT: impedance 250 Ω, max ±12 V, short circuit protected

DIMENSIONS: front panel 12 HP (60.6 mm) x 3U (128,5 mm), 175 mm deep.