LED Transmitted Light Source (Sutter Instrument)

The Lambda TLED and TLED+ are stand-alone LED light sources that can be used with the transmitted light path of a microscope or in other applications with similar requirements.

The basic system consists of an LED mounted on a special black-anodized aluminum heat sink and a controller. Both TLED and TLED+ controllers are powered by a rugged modular universal power supply. The controllers provide intensity control and on-off control via a toggle switch or TTL logic. The on-off time is < 25 µsecs when using TTL control. In addition to digital input control, the Lambda TLED+ has an analog input to modulate the LED intensity. The Lambda TLED and TLED+ are expected to have stable output that will last in excess of 50,000 hours.

The Lambda TLED and TLED+ can be ordered with a high-output white light LED making it a suitable light source for contrast methods including Phase and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC).

As an alternative to the standard white-light LED, we have several options available including an IR-LED which is suitable for experiments requiring IR-DIC. Please contact Sutter for details.

Our dual channel Lambda TLED+ option combines two high power LEDs into a single light path. The TLED-DC includes a 460nm LED for stimulation, while the second channel passes the phosphor emission from a white light LED. The white light channel can be used to access spectra between 510nm to 630nm and is suitable for a variety of applications. Both channels are driven by individual TLED+ controllers and can be triggered, also individually, by a TTL signal. Alternate wavelength configurations are available.


Current (A)          1
Wavelength options          White, 460 nm, 530 nm, 624 nm, 850 nm, 940 nm
External Control          Digital (BNC)
Current (A)          5
Wavelength options          White, 460 nm, 530 nm, 624 nm
External Control          Digital (BNC) / Analog (SMA)


50,000 hour lifetime

TTL control (with polarity switch)

Very stable output

Compact stand-alone design

Easy installation




Output Range
    White light (400 nm - 700 nm)

LED Life
    > 50,000 h

Dimensions (Control Box)
   TLED     7.6 cm ×  8.6 cm × 10.4 cm
   TLED+     10.2 cm ×  8.3 cm × 10.2 cm
   1 kg
    120/240 V ; 50/60 Hz; 75 W max

Please contact Science Products GmbH for compatibility with your scope.