npi HVC-03M

High Voltage Clamp Module for current injection into cells


The HVC-03M high voltage clamp module is designed for current injection into cells.
It extends one or two SEC-03M modules so that two-electrode voltage clamp experiments using high voltages can be performed. It features OFFSET cancellation, capacity compensation of the electrode capacity, an electrode resistance measurement unit and correction for BIAS current.

The HVC-03M can also be operated as a module for iontophoresis using an external control signal. Please contact Science Products GmbH for details.

IMPORTANT: The EPMS-H-07 housing is required to operate this module!




OFFSET compensation range: ± 200 mV

EXT IN: (for use as iontophoresis module) 100 nA / V

DIMENSIONS:  front panel 12 HP (60.6 mm) x 3U (128,5 mm), 7" (175 mm) deep

HEADSTAGE SIZE:  70 x 23 x 28 mm
Holding bar   length: 150 mm; diameter: 8 mm.

High Voltage Headstage