HS 6

Micromanipulator, rock- solid -superb resolution (Märzhäuser)


Engineered for stability, and built on a twelve-pound steel plate, this instrument is chosen worldwide for high resolution micro-recording and other research requiring a solid, drift-free performance.  A superior tool in its own right, HS 6 serves equally well as a base for other precision microdrives, it can be bolted directly to a lab fixture.  Resolution is extremely high; each gradation on its large micrometer barrels indicates just 5 µm movement so that 2.5 µm or less can be resolved. A Rack and pinion drive, V-shaped guideways, and cross roller bearings give sure, repeatable movements without sideplay, slipping, or sticking.  All contact parts are milled of hardened steel.  Maximum travel is 25 mm in each axis.  A flexible ball-joint assembly allows the electrode to be positioned at any angle relative to the x, y, or z axis.  The entire manipulator tilts forward to 25 degrees allowing rapid coarse adjustment of the electrode, and thus allowing cell penetration along the axis of any of the micrometers.  Simple, precise, and durable, the HS6 will provide years of dependable performance.

Travel X-, Y-, Z  25 mm
Resolution 0.05 mm
Weight 6 kg