Petri Dish Perfusion Chamber Insert (AutoMate)

Cells cultured in Petri dishes are a popular research tool used in numerous applications, including patch clamping and intracellular ion probe imaging.  True perfusion (continuous inflow and outflow) of solutions in the dish can be difficult to configure.  This forces scientists to plate cells on cover slips for placement into specially designed perfusion chambers.  However, such transfer is a time consuming process which introduces the potential for contamination plus additional expense. The PCP-1 chamber was designed by scientists after years of patch clamp research to overcome this problem.  Perfuse cells right in your Petri dish with any perfusion system and an optional Teflon manifold (sold separately).  Ideal for inverted microscopy using optically clear Petri dishes.  Adjustable metal suction tube included.  Dimensions: 35 mm outside diameter × 20 mm tall.


PCP-1  Petri Dish Perfusion Insert
05-04  4-into-1 Manifold
05-08  8-into-1 Manifold
Available for Corning, Falcon, I Nunc #153066 and #171099 , Petri dishes.


Customer Reviews:

"We do, indeed, get a rapid change of solution (depending, of course, on the adjusted fluid level), with mechanical stability otherwise very good, and no problems with noise, and the system is otherwise rather easy to set up.  I could confidently recommend it to any investigator who works with cells that adhere strongly to the substrate."

Dr. Jonathan E. Freedman, Ph.D.
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Northeastern University