Temperature Control System (Automate)

Accurate temperature control, rapid solution switching, fast wash-out, and now Thermal Runaway protection.


Combination inline heater plus multi-channel focal drug delivery
Maintain bath temperature and rapid drug wash-out with a high-flow bath line while quickly switching 4-8 preheated solutions through the Perfusion Pencil®. Steady 37 °C at 5 ml/minute flow rates through both the bath line and tip.

Advanced auto-tuning temperature lock
Fuzzy logic PID software maintains chamber or reagent temperature to within 1 °C of setpoint or better (often ±0.1  ̊C). The ThermoClamp calibrates its own tuning for ideal temperature control – no need to guess “loop speed” settings. Auto-tuning also adjusts the thermal runaway protection automatically.  Due to the rapid solution exchange, the sample is always sufficiently supplied with oxygen, and escaping carbon dioxide is quickly removed. As a result, you achieve a significantly higher reproducibility of your measurements.

Designed for physiology research
No metal anywhere in the flow path – unlike some competitors. Extremely low noise (now with analog heating) for electrophysiology with internal and external grounding plus electrical isolation between liquids and heating elements.

For the first time ever: No more overheating when your perfusion stops or you change samples
Three types of user-configurable thermal runaway protection (patent pending) with fuzzy logic constraints. The ThermoClamp-3 and inline heater will detect when perfusion stops, or the sensor is removed from the chamber. It will automatically maintain the current temperature without overheating until the problem is corrected. You can even set the sensitivity in three different ways.

What is Thermal Runaway?
Thermal Runaway means a temperature controller has lost contact with the feedback sensor and keeps increasing the heat until a maximum temperature is reached because the controller thinks your cells are too cold.
Also see: Thermal Runaway: Product information (PDF).

The ThermoClamp can be used with one or two temperature sensors. There is always a “Safety” sensor on the heater, and an optional “Control” sensor in your bath. Using two sensors is more accurate but causes thermal runaway if the perfusion stops or the bath sensor comes out of the chamber.

The patent-pending ThermoClamp-3 is the world’s first and only physiology temperature controller that detects and prevents thermal runaway.


Additional Features

  • Smart voltage setpoint: digital, analog (BNC) or automatic – easily control the temperature from your electrophysiology software
  • Separate displays for both temperatures (control sensor and safety sensor)
  • Constant USB/serial data stream output – to record temperature and experimental conditions
  • Automatic heater failure detection and prevention – for longer life and more reliable heating
  • Utilization of the safety sensor as secondary input for more accurate feedback control
  • Over-temperature protection


Easy Luer-lock connections and manipulator mounting. Thermodynamic design maintains temperature with 5ml/minute flow from both tips without any metal tubing.
Bath sensor
Separate chamber bath and Perfusion Pencil thermocouples included.
QuickStage® heated perfusion chamber and microscope adapter



Controller Dimensions and weight
• Dimensions: 24 cm × 5 cm × 12 cm
• Weight: 0.7 kg





Dual-channel ThermoClamp-3.2 for simultaneous heating of Perfusion Pencil® inline heater and microscope stage



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