Patch Clamp Tower System

(Science Products)
Patch Clamp Tower System  (Science Products)Baseplate with with xy-translation table, short pillars, chamber holder and carrier with DC-3K manipulator

Ultra Stable Modular System For Fixing Tools (limited availability)


Tower system with xy-translation table, carriers and manipulators


  1. Top assembly (KE)
  2. Pillar, long (SL)
  3. Pillar, short (SL-s)
  4. Base plate (GP), also available with mounted xy-Translation Table (see above)
  5. xy-translation table (VT)
  6. Carrier with holder ½" for Manipulators (RG)
  7. Carrier (90° to fold) with holder ½" for Manipulators (RK)
  8. Rod holder ½"
  9. Carrier with angle bracket to hold manipulators (RW)
  10. Carrier with holder for chambers (RCH)

* also available with other dimensions

Carrier (90° to fold) with holder and MM-33 manipulator


Carrier with holder and MM-33 Manipulator


Carrier on a short pillar with angle bracket and MP-285 manipulator


Carrier with rod holder and MM-33 manipulator 90° folded


Carrier with chamber holder and NMN-25 manipulator


Carrier with angle bracket and MHW-3 manipulator


More modules available on request.

Note that due to limited availability shipping times may vary.  Contact us for details.