Stereotaxic Micromanipulator Substage (Narishige)

Substage for For addition of Y-axis movement to the Stereotaxic Micromanipulator SM-15R/L

This substage provides one-axis fine movement in the same direction as the AP frame bar. This enables smoother, more precise adjustment than was possible by the former method of adjusting the Y-axis with the sliding AP frame bar. It is recommended for use in experiments that requires frequent adjustment in the Y-axis such as intracerebral injection experiment.

SM-15R with SM-15M-2
Setting example, with SM-15R.

Accessories included     Hex Wrench 

Movement range:     Fine      20 mm, Full rotation of knob: 500 µm, Minimum graduation: 10 µm

Dimensions, Weight      W 81 × D 38 × H 39 mm, 520 g