Model 2300

Digital Stimulus Isolator (A-M Systems)

The Model 2300 Digital Stimulus Isolator is designed for a wide variety of stimulus applications. It provides opto-electrical isolation for TTL-compatible digital signals controlling the timing of preset levels.



  • Control software for IBM-PC Compatibles included
  • Constant current and constant voltage source
  • ± 50 V maximum bipolar/biphasic output voltage
  • 5 mA maximum output current
  • Wide bandwidth, DC to 40 kHz, < 10 µs rise time (resistive loads)
  • Uses only two rechargeable batteries and has a built-in recharger
  • Compact: 2.5" × 6" × 6.25"
  • Low noise < 0.003 % of full scale, (150 pA rms in current modes)
  • TTL-level controls


Includes: Control Software for IBM-PC Compatible Computers; 6 Foot Cable with DB9 to DB25 Connectors; Zero Adjustment Tool; Battery Charger; Instruction & Maintenance Manual