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Active Air Suspension Vibration Isolation Table

For Micro-Precision Equipment (TMC)
TMC  Active Air Suspension Vibration Isolation Table

This precision vibration-isolation table Provides a self-leveling and low frequency isolation in laboratories, claenrooms and inspection areas where footfall and structural vibration can decrease performance, relability and accuracy.




Table top Breadboard size    900 × 750 (1200) × 50 mm  with sealed M6 mounting holes on 25 mm centers.  Other dimensions available.

Table height    760 ± 20 mm



Padded Armrests

Sliding Equip Shelves

Casters (Set of 4)


Optional air compressor

To use this model a compressor or compressed gas tank and regulator is required.




power  230 V / 0.9 A / 50 Hz

max. pressure  8 bar

Tank size  4 litres

noise level  35 dB(A), at 1 m.