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Three-axes Water Hydraulic micromanipulator (Narishige)
Narishige  MHW-3  Three-axes Water Hydraulic micromanipulator

This was Narishige´s first water hydraulic micro-manipulator specially designed for patch clamping.  Its water hydraulic system has a lower coefficient of expansion than an oil hydraulic system and allows precise movement. A 1:5 cartridge is incorporated to minimize drifting.  The large, rigid driving unit enables fine movement and coarse manipulations; a sturdy ball joint is also used. Installation is made more rigid by securing attachments to the bar. The drum type control unit has a large handle for precise operation and high linear repeatability.  Overall, design considerations are focused on precision movement and stability over long periods of time. This model set the standards for subsequent models of micromanipulator for patch clamping.

cartridge type
    5 : 1

Coarse movement range 
    30 mm (X, Y and Z)

Fine movement range  
    2 mm (X, Y and Z)

Full rotation of knob 
    50 µm

Minimum Graduation 
    0.2 µm

    B-9 Ball Joint, H-11 Electrode Holder, CF-3 Tube Fixture, Allen Wrench