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Mikro-Perfusionssystem (AutoMate Scientific)
AutoMate Scientific  SmartSquirt®  Micro-Perfusion System

Programmable dispensing, microinjection, perfusion or spritzing of reproducible microliter volumes. Up to eight solutions are stored in 2.5ml cryo tube reservoirs with easy syringe refill ports. Included pneumatic solenoid valves deliver regulated air pressure to push liquids out of the SmartSquirt Perfusion Pencil tip. An AutoMate Scientific (or other) valve controller offers programmable, manual or computer-controlled valve selection for switching which reagent is delivered from the tip. Pulse a valve quickly for microliter delivery, or leave it on longer for constant perfusion. The short delivery path saves expensive reagents. Integrated BackStop check valves prevent backflow found in competing micro-perfusion systems, while special three-way valve design stops liquids quickly. The 0-10 psi regulator and air filter require a compressed air or other gas source -- bottle, compressor or lab air. Compare to an eight-channel, 10psi Picospritzer™ at a fraction of the price.



Reservoir Block



Integrated Pressure Regulator



BackStop Backflow Prevention