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Ag/AgCl Electrodes

Silver Chloride Wires, Pellets, and Disks (AM-Systems)
AgCl Pellets and DisksAgCl Pellets and Disks


Ag/AgCl - Wires

High purity silver (99.99 %) wires are used to fabricate these electrodes. The chloridized Ag/AgCl Electrodes are made by a carefully controlled electrochloridizing process and yield better results than the sintered electrodes for intracellular DC recordings. The sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes are made by a sintering process which causes the AgCl to adhere better to the wire than does chloridizing, making these ideal for use in longer term AC recordings.

Item Diameter Length Type Pack of 4
530800 200 µm 101 mm Chloridized
531500 380 µm 101 mm Chloridized
540800 200 µm 101 mm Sintered
541500 380 µm 101 mm Sintered


Ag/AgCl - Pellets and Disks

These disk and pellet electrodes have pure silver wire embedded in the matrix. They are reusable, resurfacable, and never need chloriding. They are essentially non-polarizable. These electrodes are commonly used as reference electrodes.

Item Diameter
550010 1 mm 2.5 mm 70 mm
550015 2 mm 4 mm 70 mm
550020 4 mm 1 mm 70 mm
550025 8 mm 1 mm 70 mm