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Sutter Instrument


Quartz pipette holder

Glass Rods

Borosilicate Glass (Sutter Instrument)

Ground point GP-17

for the electrophysiological setup (Sutter Instrument)

Heating Filaments for P30

for Sutter Instrument P-30

Heating Filaments for P77A

for Sutter Instrument P-77A

Lambda 10-2

Optical filter changer (Sutter Instrument)

Lambda 10-3

Multi-Filter Wheel System (Sutter Instrument)

Lambda 10-B

Optical filter changer (Sutter Instrument)

Lambda 421

Beam Combining Pentagon (Sutter Instrument)

Lambda DG-4 plus / DG-5 plus

Ultra high speed wavelength switcher

Lambda FLED

Fluorescence Light Source (Sutter Instrument)

Lambda HPX

High-output LED light source (Sutter Instrument)

Lambda HPX-L5

High Power LED Light Source with Liquid Lightguide (Sutter ...

Lambda LS

Stand-alone Xenon ARC Lamp and Power Supply (Sutter ...

Lambda OBC

Optical Beam Combiner (Sutter Instrument)

Lambda SC

SmartShutter Controller (Sutter Instrument)

Lambda SmartShutter

Stepper-motor driven shutter (Sutter Instrument)


LED Transmitted Light Source (Sutter Instrument)

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