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Large Moving Stage Platform (Sutter Instrument)
Sutter Instrument  MP-78  Large Moving Stage PlatformMP-78

The MPC-78 Large Moving Stage is available for patch slice or in vivo experiments where the microscope body cannot be moved to view different fields of view. This is most common in two-photon experiments where the excitation beam path must enter a fixed microscope. In order to visit wide-spaced fields of view, and potentially position pipettes at wide-spaced locations, the preparation and any associated manipulators must move together on a large stage.

The MP-78 was introduced at the 2007 Imaging Structure and Function in the Nervous System at Cold Spring Harbor Labs. The stage was very well received. The MP-78 is also appropriate for use with inverted microscopes or other scopes that are larger and not easily translated.

The cast aluminum top plate used in the MPC-78 is the same as the MT-78-FS top plate.

In the center of both the top plate is a 4 × 6 inch milled pocket that will accommodate a variety of aluminum stage inserts, designed to secure various commercial tissue chambers or slide holders.  Custom aluminum inserts can also be provided.  An available magnetic stainless steel insert carries commercial chambers or can be provided with a simple large, through hole for mounting a custom chamber.  The magnetic insert allows small magnetic devices (perfusion lines, ground electrodes, small manipulators) to be mounted easily near the dish.





Baseplate Dimensions     200 mm × 375 mm × 55 mm

Maximum Travel    25 mm (Top Plate)



0.625 µm/step



RS-232, 9600 baud  (1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit)

Maximum Load     50 kg

Weight     16 kg