Microforge (Narishige)

A fine finish for microelectrode tips in patch clamp is assured with advanced fire-polishing technology which eliminates imperfections on the tip surface that could damage delicate membranes.  The MF-830 has heater and lamp adjusting dials on the front, and independent manipulators for positioning the heater and microelectrodes.  The heater manipulator allows fine vertical adjustments, making it possible to achieve a closer, more precise approach to the electrode.  The unit features a 500× high magnification lens.

Magnifications:            75× / 525×

Movement range
Heater manipulator:     14 mm (X, Y, and Z axes)
                                  20 mm (fine vertical movement)
Electrode manipulator: Y 8 mm, Z 24 mm (axes)

Dimensions:                300 (W) × 200 (D) × 300 (H) mm

Weight:                    5.6 kg 

Accessories:     Spare heater, Allen wrench, Power cable